Advance Pallet and Crate is the latest venture of the Advance Group of Companies. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings. Our goal has always been to supply the best product for the best value no questions asked. This philosophy has led us in the direction of the pallet market.
We are a full service pallet company. We specialize in new and used pallets, as well as repair programs. It is our mission to offer exceptional value with the best possible quality and service. New or used pallets, export or heat-treated pallets, Advance is your best source for all your shipping needs.

If your company is using pallets and are located in, British Columbia or Washington State, there is a need for you to send a quote request to Advance Pallet and Crate.

Please take a second to view our site and allow us to quote your needs.


Jaspinder S. Brar

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