Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd. carries a large inventory on hand. Our storage facility spans an area of five acres. We do not only carry a large inventory of finished product, but we also carry a large inventory of raw materials. This ensures that a customers needs will be met sooner. There is no waiting for the mill to produce. If we do not have what you need on our floor, we can produce it in as little as twenty-four hours.

With our own transport company moving our products most materials can be delivered as far as California in as little as two days. Considering we are located on the West-Coast in British Columbia, that is a feat we are very proud of..


We can help you meet today's Euro market demands by supplying Certified Heat Treated and Stamped products if you require them to meet IPPC requirements.

To view the Certified Heat Treated and Stamped products document click here.


At present Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd. is concentrating a large volume of business on pallet cut-stock.

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