To get the maximum benefit from the CO2 stored in any wood product, it is essential to extend its life as long as possible.


No building material can be considered sustainable unless it is durable. Good design and detailing, specifying the right timber, treatment and maintenance are all important to the life expectancy of wood, especially when in contact with water.

BRE (The Building Research Establishment) gives timber frame houses the same life expectancy as brick and block, and factory finished windows a life expectancy of 35 years – the same as PVC-U windows. Many timber window manufacturers offer 30 year warranties against failure of the window frame – longer than for any other material. And with proper maintenance, the windows will last much longer still.

Wood is durable, but it’s also desirable. Long after other materials would have been replaced, solid wood floors, doors, mouldings and furniture are still gaining character and being cherished.


When a building is being modified or demolished, many of the wood products can be reclaimed and reused. There’s a strong market for doors, windows, shutters, panelling and floors are much in demand.

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