Advance Lumber's commitment to forest policy is rooted in twenty-first century realities. We are dedicated to the goal of protecting our environment while providing jobs for our communities and high quality wood products to our customers.

Advance Lumber's operations in British Columbia are located exclusively on public land, thus public acceptance of our waste management practices is imperative for us to remain in business. We pride our selves on being a secondary lumber producer. Simply put, this means we take low-grade lumber from larger mills, and remanufacture the product, thus, creating a more viable product with a higher-grade. This process reduces waste, and fully utilizes lumber logs to their full potential.

At Advance Lumber we understand and recognize we all share the same environment. Therefore we all must take an active part in protecting our surroundings. Being a lumber mill, we believe we have a greater onus to protect our forests, and utilize them to their fullest. Thus, even the waste we produce from our manufacturing process is used to its full potential. Any scrap pieces, which are produced, are turned into chips, which are used to produce chipboard. Also, any sawdust created from the cutting process is taken to local farms to be mixed into topsoil. Leaving no waste, which is burned or buried.

Taking such care to fully use "mother natures" product, we at Advance Lumber pride ourselves on working within the confines of our motto "Recycle-Reduce-Reuse-Remanufacture".

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