As the eve of the new Millennium was approaching one important aspect to the future of Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd. was clear, new equipment and land were needed to meet the growing needs of Advance Lumbers' customer base. In the summer of 2001, Advance Lumber and its partner companies purchased twelve acres of land in Surrey, British Columbia.

By the winter of 2002, Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd. was operating in its new 9,000 square foot warehouse. Two new trimlines were added with a dedicated re-saw and notcher, also a chamfering line, and custom cut chop-line were added in a second 8,000 square foot building. The offices have expanded from a mobile trailer, to a state-of-the-art 3,500 square feet office, with the newest computer software to help customer orders get processed more efficiently and economically. In 2002 Advance lumber had shipped out more than 19 million board feet of finished product, and another 5 million of raw materials.

One detail is abundantly clear to all the members of the "Advance Family", without honesty and loyalty, be it too our suppliers, employees, or customers, nothing Advance Lumber, and Rajinder Brar, have accomplished to date would have been possible.

If you ask the president Rajinder Brar, what the future holds in stock for Advance Lumber, his answer is simple, "All we can do is work hard, the rest is in the hands of the one above."

Whatever the future may hold for Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd., one thing is clear, they will be working hard.

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