Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd., was established in 1995 by the company founder Rajinder Brar. Rajinder migrated from India to Canada in 1974. After working a few odd ended jobs, he began training to become a machinist. He was certified and worked in the trade for nearly seventeen years. In the late 80's, Rajinder and some investors opened a Shake and Shingle Mill, due to unstable markets and the poor economy, this endeavour was not successful.

However, Rajinder had a vision, he wanted to work in the lumber industry. He had learned from his mistakes, and in 1995, was ready to make another go at the lumber industry. In the Summer of 1995, one acre of land was found in Surrey, British Columbia. Rajinder found a Irvington trimline, and a mobile re-saw. With some fabricating and repairs all the equipment was ready to operate by the summer of 1996.

The vision was simple, buy stock from larger mills, re-manufacture the product to create pallet-stock, keep your overheads low, and always keep the customer happy. In order to insure success Rajinder was going to treat everyone as if they were family. He stated that he was going to respect his suppliers, employees, and customers, therefore he said "you cannot go wrong". Rajinder, started with himself and three employees (mainly family members and friends). Within two years Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd. had grown to employ over thirty full-time employees. Including three office staff members. Another three acres of land was rented to help ease the lumber storage problems. It was clear to many, the work ethic paid-off; customers were happy with the service, and equally happy with the simple honest work ethic, not to mention were impressed by the superior product they were being supplied.

In 1999, Advance Lumber Remanufacturing grew to include Advance Freight Systems Ltd., the company was set up to help ease the load delivery problems which were hampering the success of Advance Lumber Remanufacturing Ltd.

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