Vision and Values are inter-linked. For without vision, values remain rudderless. And without values, achieving a vision may not be accomplished ethically or responsibly. At Advance Lumber, we regard both our values and our vision to be of equal significance to the success of our company.

Our vision is to be guided by the following values:

We will treat people with respect, and trust they will act in the best interests of their fellow workers, and our customers. We will encourage and reward innovation and excellence.


It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure the safety of all individuals. Safety is not just a goal, it is a way of life in all our operations and activities


Our success depends upon our ability to identify and meet the needs of our customers. We will consistently provide them with high quality products, and a level of service that meets, and exceeds their requirements. Living by the philosophy; “the customer is always right”.


We will support and be responsive to the needs and concerns of the community in which we live and work.


We will conduct all aspects of our business with integrity. We will admit our mistakes, work to correct them and learn from our experiences.

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